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Free animated wallpaper @ Screensaver-World.RU

Free screensavers, animated wall papers @ Screensaver-World.RU

Screensavers are beautiful moving images to decorate your desktop. Screensavers or screens help to revive the desktop of your computer. On our site you will find only high quality screensavers. Each screensaver has a screenshot and a small description. But the fact is that every screen is far more attractive than the picture. All screensavers is absolutely free. The size of each screensaver is displayed beside the description of its topic.
Add movement to your desktop, setting himself instead of the usual photo beautiful animated wallpaper in our collection. Animated wallpaper is not demanding the resources of your PC. All wallpapers are available for free download.

Living Marine Aquarium 2

Living 3D Dolphins

Living 3D Waterfalls v3.0

3D Falling Leaves

3D Halloween

3D Snowy Cottage

Adorable Pets v1.0

Adorable Pets v2.0

Living Waterfalls v2.0

My 3D Christmas Tree

Living Beaches v1.0

Living Beaches v2.0

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At the moment, develop additional menu screensavers. Will be able to sort screensaver for the desktop to the time of year, the number of downloads, the majority of votes, and many other parameters.