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Frequently asked questions when downloading and installing savers for desktop @ Screensaver-World.RU - free screen saver for your desktop, animated screen savers to download for free @ Screensaver-World.RU - Free screen saver for your desktop, animated screen savers to download for free

Free screensavers, animated wall papers @ Screensaver-World.RU

Screensavers are beautiful moving images to decorate your desktop. Screensavers or screens help to revive the desktop of your computer. On our site you will find only high quality screensavers. Each screensaver has a screenshot and a small description. But the fact is that every screen is far more attractive than the picture. All screensavers is absolutely free. The size of each screensaver is displayed beside the description of its topic.
This page is designed to answer all your questions raised during downloading and installing the selected screen saver. If you do not find an answer to your question - ask it to us at We will certainly respond and, if necessary, add your question and the answer to that page.

Questions arose when downloading and installing a screen saver

  • When you click on the link page is loaded with the text "Application Error!" >>>
  • I can not fill in the questionnaire ... >>>
  • I can not install the screensaver ... >>>
  • Why saver contains so much advertising? >>>
  • Why breaks downloading of a screensaver >>>
  • My firewall reports about the virus in Screensaver ... >>>

Answer #1

"Application Error!" Appears at high load on the server. Try to download a screensaver at a later date.

Answer #2

Form must be filled by English letters. The following is an example:

  • Title (title treatment): Mr.
  • First Name (Nickname): John
  • Last Name (Last Name): Smith
  • E-mail:
  • Date of Birth (date of birth): March/03/1975
  • Zip Code (ZIP code): 103045
  • Country (country): Russian Federation

Zhmem click Continue (to continue)

On the next page, you are encouraged to sign for promotions. You can block (No)

again Hit Continue (to continue)

This page will automatically begin downloading screensaver. If it had not started, Hit big button Download Now. All you can close the page.

Answer #3

Run the downloaded file ...

  1. Welcome : It proposes to establish a site homepage, ubiraytu tick here if you do not want.
  2. Quick Registration : Vvodim the same data as downloading.
  3. Save with : It offered to install the free program. You can block and remove the check mark.
  4. : the same thing, you can choose and remove the check mark.
  5. Relevant Knowledge : the same thing, you can choose and remove the check mark.
  6. Freeze ScreenSaver : Here is the installation of the screen saver starts, put a tick and Hit "I agree"
  7. Thank You : Here blagodarat for attention to the sponsors of the screen saver (available in view of paragraphs 3-5)

Next Next Hit a couple of times and set the screensaver while you must be connected to Internet, because of data downloaded from the site of Freeze.

On the desktop there are new advertising icon - can safely remove them.

Answer #4

Because it is free, but the creators have exactly the same as it ends.

Answer #5

Use download manager

Answer #6

As has already been written saver for free, but to make ends meet within the program is an ad banner, as reported firewall. Absolutely nothing to fear!

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